Mann Engineering Covid Policy


Multiple Solutions

Going above and beyond and offering more to our customers, is synonymous with the Mann Engineering brand. We are an “One Stop Shop” for some of our main customers, as not only can we turn complex fittings on our lathes, we also offer multiple solutions, such as machined plates and flanges on our milling machines, […]

Solution Driven Machining

One of the main competitive advantages of Mann Engineering Ltd is that throughout our staff, we possess a wide array and decades of precision machining know-how and this knowledge was used to the full in solving an issue for a fluid dynamics customer in the UK, that they had been experiencing issues with previous suppliers, […]

Machined Parts for Carbon Fibre Test Measure

For over twenty years we have supplied machined parts for the world’s only “carbon fibre test measure” manufacturer. These vessels are used to ascertain the accuracy of the fuel dispensers in petrol forecourts. The pumps must operate within a tolerance band of +/- 1%. Of course we are all aware of the possibility that when […]