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Machined Parts for Carbon Fibre Test Measure

Machined Parts Manufacturer 2For over twenty years we have supplied machined parts for the world’s only “carbon fibre test measure” manufacturer. These vessels are used to ascertain the accuracy of the fuel dispensers in petrol forecourts. The pumps must operate within a tolerance band of +/- 1%. Of course we are all aware of the possibility that when we put petrol or diesel in our cars that if the pumps are not accurate that we could be paying for fuel we are not receiving which if discovered on inspection by the authorities results in a large fine for the forecourt owner. But did you know that if the dispenser is giving you more fuel than is showing up on the counter, that although that is money in our pocket, if found during an audit, then the same forecourt owner has not only being giving away fuel at a loss, he is also fined by the Revenue department for giving away fuel tax free.


Design and Manufacture Bespoke TrolleyOur customers key selling point is that the equipment they sell is lightweight and is easily transported. Also as the items used to measure are made from composite material, it means that as their product is not affected by heat or cold, that they can measure more efficiently. These units are used on fuel forecourts all over the world. Their competition in this field tend to use heavy, cumbersome stainless steel vessels, that are carried in the back of a van, also which have to be temperature checked from which calculations have to be carried out to ascertain the finalised measurement as heat and cold can cause the vessels to expand or contract, which affects the measurement of the amount of fuel in the vessel. When the testing at the pumps is complete, the fuel is brought to the underground fuel reservoir and poured back in. These vessels can range in size from 1 litre up to 200 Litres.

With our background in design and manufacture, the problem they asked us to help them with was to design a bespoke 2 wheel trolley, which was lightweight, could fold and fit in the boot of a car and avoid any lifting by the operator when returning the fuel back into the underground fuel tanks. A special feature of these trolley’s, ensures that weight of the fuel is easily balanced over the two wheels when being manoeuvred across a busy forecourt and therefore making it very easy for the operator to move large volumes of fuel repeatedly whilst carrying out tests particularly on larger site.

Machined Parts - 20L, 10L and 5L PW Lite without casesFrom this end we designed and manufactured a range of bespoke trolleys, that were lightweight and both foldable and telescopic, plus strong enough to carry significant weight. Not only does this company have a competitive advantage due to the weight, speed of use and accuracy of their test measure, they now have an easier more portable way of transporting the unit and discharging of the fuel after measuring.