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Airtec 19 Munich

Mann Engineering displayed at AIRTEC 19 in Munich. AIRTEC 19 – Enabling Future Mobility – Aerospace meets Automotive – with over 200 companies from around the world, involved in Aerospace and Automotive, AIRTEC has adapted to the trends in aerospace – autonomous flight, air taxi, urban air mobility – with an enhanced, future-oriented concept: it brought together global aerospace and automotive players and links with this concept the traditional aerospace industry and the new future mobility, as well as new technologies in aerospace and automotive.

Mann Engineering took part at the show as part of the Emerald Aero Group (EAG) and the other participants from Europe and the rest of the world, took an interest in the variety of what Ireland had to offer in terms of Aeropspace manufacture.

Among the B2B participants exhibitors can meet at Airtec19, were buyers and technology experts from the following important companies: Airbus – Aurora/Boeing, Boeing Distribution – COMAC – EmbraerX – Diehl Aviation – Austro Engine – Autoflug – GE – FACC – Kawasaki – Sierra Nevada – Leonardo S.p.A. – Lufthansa Technik AG – Rolls-Royce Deutschland– MBDA – Mitsubishi – Pratt & Whitney –Safran – Thales Alenia Space -Trelair and many others.

Mann Engineering Stand at AIRTEC19

Mann Engineering Stand at AIRTEC19