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Multiple Solutions

Milling Machines at Mann EngineeringGoing above and beyond and offering more to our customers, is synonymous with the Mann Engineering brand. We are an “One Stop Shop” for some of our main customers, as not only can we turn complex fittings on our lathes, we also offer multiple solutions, such as machined plates and flanges on our milling machines, laser etch, bend tubes and pipes, weld (Mig, Tig and Robotic), shot-blast, powder paint and assemble in-house, as well as having local external partners who can Anodise, Alochrome, Zinc plate, Nickel and Tin Plate.

Shown in the photo is a product produced by one of our customers, where we supply turned fittings, milled plates and flanges as well as formed tubular handles. We stock and supply these in kit form to our customer, reducing his requirement for having to order, stock and pick various items from different suppliers.

One supplier, one solution,  delivered to our customers production line exactly when they require, so as they can meet their customers’ demands more readily.