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SME Leaders’ Community event


Group Photo of Anton Musgrave (Front Row third from Left) and Attendees at the SME Leaders’ Event – in Dublin on December 2nd 2016



Members of the Mann Engineering management team took part in the SME Leaders’ Community event held in the East Point offices of Enterprise Ireland last Friday. #SMELeaders16

Guest speaker was World renowned International Thought Leader, Global Strategist and Futurist, Anton Musgrave.

Anton’s workshop was called ‘Colliding Worlds” and the highly insightful talk included topics on Exploring the future and what is shaping it, What does ‘exponential’ mean for life and
business? How do we ensure human relevance? Thriving in the perfect storm, Exposing toxic assumptions! and Building an exciting future for our children…

The full day event was both eye opening, thought provoking and mind boggling as well as entertaining in looking at the changes that are currently taking place and will happen in our world over the next two decades. The current buzzword of the Internet of Things is about to become the Internet of Everything, as we embark on what some people are calling the 4th Industrial Revolution. The Digital age is upon us and we see changes every week, take for example AIB this week launching an app to be able to pay for goods by swiping your smartphone or various companies working on autonomous vehicles, or even look up Linkedin to find a robot that lays four times as many blocks as a mason can do or Artificial Intelligence that can prepare, plant, grow and care for vegetables or plants in a greenhouse. What do these leaps in technology really mean and where will we be in ten or twenty years time and how will we as individuals fit into a one click digital world. It is envisaged that there will be more change in the world as we know it in the next ten years then in the next one hundred.

SME companies taking parts came from a variety of sectors and were from companies that had taken part in various Enterprise Ireland initiatives such as Platform 4 Growth, Leadership 4 Growth, Management 4 Growth and Finance 4 Growth.

Anton Musgrave is a public speaker, businessman and entrepreneur, Anton engages with clients across industries and around the world. He has gained step-change business experience in a varied and successful professional, entrepreneurial and business career. Anton delivers insightful value to global clients, across many industries and market sectors. Anton passionately advises businesses on strategic thinking and future innovative growth imperatives to drive sustainable growth and long term relevance in a changing world. He has an insightful
understanding of a wide range of industries, from services, the professions, property, law, financial services, resources, FMCG, logistics and energy.